Carabiner Rappel Ring

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Rappel Ring 

ราคา 230 บาท


     Forged aluminum rap ring for bail-outs and rap stations. Anodized gray for minimal visual impact. Solid construction (not hollow) for 20kN minimum breaking strength (over 4400lbs)! Not intended for repeated lowering.
     This is much cheaper than leaving behind a carabiner, and more practical since the Rap Ring can be used again whereas carabiners are often taken from rappel stations. It’s also much safer than just rappelling via the sling or webbing, since the Rap Ring eliminates possible damage to the rope sheath or the anchor when you pull the rope down, plus the ring insures your rope is less likely to get caught.
     Outside Diameter- 2.0" - 50.82mm
     Inside Diameter- 1.1875" - 29.52 mm


  • Part # : RAPRNG 
  • Description : Aluminum Rap Ring
  • Weight grams / ounces : 34 / 1.2 
  • Strength : 20kN (ประมาณ 4,400 ปอนด์)
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