Pineapple Mini Aluminum-Grey

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ReyLight Pineapple Mini Aluminum-Grey :  


  • Using single AAA battery, max 90 lumens, or 10440 Li-ion battery, max 240 lumens. Flat top, UNPROTECTED 10440 battery suggested. Some button-top batteries may also work, but some brands make the button to long which might cause a problem.
  • Some models of Ni-MH batteries have high internal resistance causing the low voltage protection to kick in on the light and turn it off. For that reason, we recommend 10440 or alkaline.
  • There is one tritium slot at the tail switch, 1.5*6mm. in size.
  • Size : 89mm. length (including the switch button) diameter: 15mm.
  • Copper : 52 grams
  • Ti : 32grams
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